FAQ - 

How many stock picks can I expect on a monthly basis?

We focus on quality, not quantity, so we only send out an idea when we have a good one. Early in the market cycle you can expect a lot of ideas. As the cycle matures, we will send out fewer of them, and advise raising cash for the next cycle.

We do provide updates on investments when appropriate so you’ll hear from us often. We also provide members with our famous webinars, which allow you to ask us to look into companies that we either cover or not.

What makes your research better than others’?

What makes us unique is our access to people and ideas. We invest a substantial percentage of our subscription revenues – more than $100,000/year - in data sources to maximize our access to ideas and intelligence. We can also reach analysts, big investors, and CEOs easily. We believe that access to company management is the most effective way to deliver exceptional investment returns. Having direct contact with executives gives us a more accurate understanding of the company.

What are the webinars about?

We use webinars to introduce subscribers to CEOs, who present and then take questions. We also use them for our “call-in” sessions, whereby subscribers can ask us, ahead of time of live, about stocks in their portfolios. We try our best to find solid information on these companies even if we don’t cover them.

You talk a lot about your winners, but you must have had losers too?

Absolutely. On average, we take more risks, so we have had losers. But we identify them as early as possible and sell them. We don’t fall in love with our picks. We remain rational at all times, and this helps minimize losses on poor investment picks.

Which plan should I choose?

It depends on what you’re looking for. By signing up to our Premium level you will receive information earlier than other subscribers. You will also have access to monthly webinars, private placements, and SMS trade alerts. If you are an accredited investor you should definitely choose a Premium subscription because we excel at putting subscribers into promising private placements. If you’re a beginner, or looking for more conservative advice like large caps and ETFs, a Regular subscription is fine.