Our Successes - 

Our motto is “ Be early and prosper”

What makes us more prosperous - We pride ourselves with successful, flourishing, and thriving companies, especially in financial respect, granting us to share our good fortune.

What makes us unique is our due diligence in sitting face to face with top executives of the companies we report on. We believe that getting very close with management is the most effective way to deliver exceptional investment returns. With Presidents Club’s long term connection with the Globe and Mail and reputation in the Canadian market, top CEO’s are more than eager to make time for meetings. The luxury of having direct contact with executives gives us a more accurate understanding of the company which allows our analysis to be more educated and reliable.

We have funded and/or sponsored a number of highly successful micro- and mid-cap companies including:

  • Patient Home Monitoring - PHM.V

    (funded and supported; market cap grew from $5 million to $103 million)

  • Athabasca Minerals - ABM.V

    (supported; $8 million to $41 million)

  • Nuvo Research - NRI.TO

    (funded and supported; $23 million to $68 million)

  • EasyHome - EH.TO

    (supported; $85 million to $305 million)

  • Intertape Polymer - ITP.TO

    (supported; $56 to $1.154 billion)

  • Loyalist Group - LOY.V

    (funded and supported; $3 million to $73 million)

  • Parkit Enterprises - PKT.V

    (funded and supported; $10 million to $17 million)

  • Neulion - NLN.TO

    (supported; $77 million to $211 million)

  • Enterprise Group - E.TO

    (supported; $25 million to $136 million)